Packagerz Smart Lock Box

Never Lose A Package To A Porch Pirate Again

Designed to be quick and easy for your FedEx, UPS, USPS and Amazon delivery drivers, your package can be scanned to open the lock box.


We know that feeling – buying the latest cool tech online, anxiously waiting for its arrival and then BAM you check your porch and it’s not there like the delivery notification told you it would be. It breaks your heart and infuriates you all at the same time. We get it.

Enter Packagerz Smart Lock Box, an intelligent solution for protecting your packages.

1 %
1 %
have had a package stolen during the pandemic
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porch pirate

How It Works

Packagerz Smart Lock Boxes are smart-home integrated IoT products that protect newly delivered packages and offer secure contactless delivery. 

Ease your anxiety about package theft once and for all. Your packages are safe and secure with Packagerz products until they’re in your hands.

Open View

Closed View

Secure Design

Built using 18ga steel and a solid lock mechanism, this device will fend off and deter any potential porch pirate. The feet support concrete screw holes and the back of the box has a metal loop to string a bike lock cable through to secure the box to your porch.

Live Stream Video

The 1080p camera captures beautiful screenshots and video of deliveries and visitors to your porch. Watch it live or save it to the cloud.


The weather resistant keypad allows for a 4 digit code of your choosing to open the box. Share the pin code with your friends, family or delivery driver as a backup method of entry.


The 1080p camera doubles as a barcode scanner that is strong enough to scan in low light. Your delivery driver need only scan the package and wait three seconds for the box to automatically unlock.

Works with all carriers

Use our lock box with USPS, FedEx, UPS and Amazon Delivery Drivers.

What's Yours

Deliveries On Lock Down!

Delivery Driver

Every lock box comes with signage for the delivery driver. Removable sticker signs include arrows for pointing towards the lock box location and simple 1. 2. 3. directions on how to quickly scan the package into a locked box or how type in your unique pin code. Deliveries into the lock box should not take longer than 15 seconds.

Delivery Driver

We surveyed hundreds of delivery drivers and asked them what this product needs to be accepted on a mass scale. We learned that it behooves drivers to use the lock box because it’s just one more method by which they can prove a successful delivery to their employer and to the customer. Happy Customers + Happy Employers = Job Security

Prototype A

Subscription App

Remote Open

Open your lock box with the click of a button.

Live Video

View live or recorded video of deliveries being dropped off.

Cloud Video Storage

Save your videos to the cloud to view and easily share them.

Track Deliveries

View in app with push notifications or emails.

Pin Management

Send custom pin codes to your friends that open the lock box via the keypad.

Automatic Tracking

Set your account to scan emails for tracking codes automatically

Our Team

Susan Kaplan

Founder & CEO

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • San Diego Startup Month Accelerator Participant
  • SDSU- BA in Criminal Justice + Business Admin
  • Founded BeLoved Pet Sitting in 2010 now operating in 20+ zip codes in San Diego
  • Volunteers with Rotary – Launched bakery skills training program in Kenya at foster care home
  • Tired of people complaining on Facebook & Nextdoor about stolen packages

Andrew Williams

Chief problem solver

  • Serial Entrepreneur 
  • Founder Car Wash Management- A Consulting Company
  • Founder Dam Good Car Wash Franchise
  • Board Advisor for Multiple Companies
  • Used a competitor’s product at his office for several years to secure expensive business inventory deliveries
  • Instrumental in designing UX for apps produced for his company’s customers 

Chris Long

Software ninjaneer

  • Current Software Engineer for Northrop Grumman
  • SDSU- BS in Aerospace Engineering
  • 6 years experience in Test and Software Engineering
  • Completed a 2 year assignment abroad integrating unmanned systems for a NATO customer
  • Hates when his packages get stolen
Image Source

According to respondents of the 2020 Package Theft Statistics Report by, over half of the 2000 survey respondents said they (59%) receive some type of package on a weekly basis, which is up 10% from their 2019 Package Theft Statistics Report. 

Overall, the number of respondents who reported having a package stolen rose from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020. And of the 43% who have had a package stolen, almost two-thirds (64%) say they’ve been a victim of package theft more than once.  

Over one quarter (29%) of all respondents say they have had a package stolen during the pandemic and 22% of those were victims of package theft for the first time. It’s clear that package theft is increasing at alarming rates across the country as deliveries increase and that a solution is needed.

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